About Us


Doug McKenzie

Stifled by the monotony of financial modeling, Doug McKenzie gave up a lucrative career in investment banking to do something a little different. Armed with a degree from New York University's Stern School of Business and a passion for all things creative, Doug combined his skills as a magician and innovator to enter the field of marketing. He has played an integral role in numerous product launches and marketing event, for clients such as LG Electronics, Mercedes Benz, and American Express. In an effort to combine their unique talents, Doug and Ryan teamed up to create Pandora Group in 2005.

Along with his corporate work, Doug is recognized by his fellow magicians for his creative contributions to the art of magic. In September 2000, Doug was selected to work with David Copperfield to develop magic for his Tornado of Fire television special, an opportunity afforded to only a handful of people. Using this experience as a guide, Doug was then selected to consult and produce two seasons of Marco Tempest's The Virtual Magician television series, a reality magic show that continues to air in over 50 countries. Currently Doug is head magic consultant to David Blaine for both his live performances and television work.

Originally from Scotland and now based in New York, Doug has lived all over the world including Oman, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. He is fluent in English, German, and Arabic.

Ryan Oakes

As a professional mentalist and sleight-of-hand artist, Ryan Oakes is one of the East Coast's most sought-after corporate entertainers, performing over 200 shows per year.

A decorated veteran in the field of magic, Ryan has performed his unique show all over the US. It all started in 1990, when he became the youngest person ever to win the Society of American Magician's National Magic Competition, one of the highest honors in magic. Since then, Ryan has performed at literally thousands of events, including an appearance at the White House (Clinton administration). He has been profiled in Forbes FYI magazine as well as The New York Times and been written up in Entertainment Weekly, Star Magazine, The New York Post, and Variety. He's been seen as a guest on The View, Inside Edition, and Montel, as well as appearances on CNN, The Discovery Channel, ESPN, and The Disney Channel. Ryan primarily performs at corporate functions and maintains an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients. While most of his work is concentrated in the US, Ryan also travels internationally for events and has performed for US troops in Cuba, Japan, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Guam.

In 2009, Ryan co-starred in The Real Hustle, a prime-time television series that aired on the truTV network. The show demonstrated how con artists use psychology, sleight-of-hand, and technology to swindle innocent marks. Visit trutv.com for more information and clips from the show.

Ryan is also the spokesman and consultant for a line of children's magic sets, which are distributed nationally under the Ideal brand.

Ryan holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.